What makes us different? In a word……Transparency.

Transparency in how we get paid. Transparency in how you pay for the care for your employees. Transparency in the quality of care your employees receive. Although the traditional status quo players in healthcare make this very hard to access, we bring full and rewarding transparency to the entire healthcare buying experience.



We believe that your current broker works for whomever pays them.

If you are not paying your current broker directly, or you are and they are receiving hidden or unknown bonuses or overrides, as is frequently the case, they don’t work for you.

We ONLY get paid by our clients, we put our fees at risk based on performance, and we deliver real savings and better benefits to your employees.


Our differentiation doesn’t just stop at how we get paid.

We deliver an entirely new benefits experience. One that improves health outcomes AND lowers costs to both the Employer and the Employee. Our average year 1 savings is over 40% from your current healthcare spend (our worst results thus far has been a 24% reduction). With reduced out of pockets for your employees at the same time (often all the way to zero!) Sounds impossible, huh? Let us show you how.